The Kids Room

Because the smallest members in the family seem take over everything!

Like nearly all parents out there my husband and I cling bravely to the edge of sanity and this side of exhaustion as we navigate the all but impossible task of juggling jobs, kids and a home.

While most posts contain some tidbit of our ongoing family life here are the stories which were too big to fit.

Those Dinosaur Eggs

A tale of parenting, paper-mache and dinosaur eggs.

Silhouette of a boy reading a book sat beneath a tree.

A Story

A personal story about pregnancy and a bit beyond.

Coping with a full household – Outside the Average

A peek inside a ‘not-so-traditional’ family with a lot of shifting dynamics. My sister-in-law’s website where she and my brother cope with two full time jobs and many children; some his, some hers and one between them.