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Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One

A simple yet filling eggs and bacon recipe for one.
eggs and bacon breakfast on a plate

A Little About The Recipe Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One

Eggs and bacon! Why is she posting a recipe for eggs and bacon? You are asking.

Well, my reason is this.  There are those, and I used to be one, who have previously made this classic breakfast by the swift and happy means of ditching a ton of refined oil into a small pan. Follow this up with any old egg – how did that shell get in there? – which was then liberally splashed with the unhealthy oil until things looked sunny. After many years of this tried and tested method, here comes the new, healthy and substantially more frugal version.

The miracle of this new method? As it turns out, it’s a pan lid. Since most frying pans are adopted into one’s home without a lid. It is often necessary to borrow from elsewhere and adapt.  I steal a pan lid from one of my sauce pots.  The lid tends to overflow the frying pan, but it gets the job done nicely.

The Perfect Breakfast Ratio

What is the perfect ratio of eggs and bacon? After much consideration and experimentation on one’s tummy, I decided on two of each.  This proves filling enough, but not too much.  After all, we still have to get stuff done for the day.  Camping out on the sofa with a nicely stuffed belly to watch the latest series is for dinner, which is still hours away.

Also, two eggs are just the right size to fill a medium-size frying pan.

Bacon in the Microwave?

I know I know some of you are horrified!  But, it’s how I prefer my bacon to be cooked.  Frying it takes too much time and needs watching.  Who so ever has time to get the grill warmed up in the morning? And what are you doing that I am not?  Microwaving bacon, however, is quick, and you can leave it to go off and do whatever else needs doing. and… And this is a big and! It makes crispy edges! I prefer the exterior fatty edge of my bacon to be crispy. The still white rubbery stuff is a bit off-putting for me.  Microwaving, however, is the only guaranteed crispy edge method of cooking bacon.

Free Range Eggs

Free-range eggs are always best, but I do know getting your hands on free-range eggs is not always a possibility, so I will never say you must have free range eggs because not everyone can get them. Sometimes, we don’t have the options to be choosy. 

For those who can be choosy, what I will say is compare the two.  Crack an egg from a free-range hen into one bowl, crack an egg from a caged hen into another bowl and compare the two. The difference is right there in front of your eyes. Anyone who now says hens don’t know or care if they are in cages ain’t looking at the reality of things.  Now consider this. If the hens feel so much better being free-range, it shows in the colour of their eggs. What other great nutrients are going into the eggs that aren’t going into them when caged?  Healthy hens, healthy eggs, healthy you! Choose free-range! It’s another winning slogan – you heard it here first!

Paleo, Paleo-ish and Whole30 Bacon

Some people claim bacon is paleo, while some claim it is not.  According to the paleo inventors over on, it isn’t. Therefore, I keep it as a no-no for the strict paleo category. But, as you know, I tend to follow a paleo-ish diet, a paleo template if you will and bacon, being so fabulously tasty and only a little bit wrong, is definitely back in.  However, if you are strict paleo, choose different meat instead. If you go with the more paleo template recipes like myself, add that bacon back in because life is infinitely better with bacon.

The Whole30 Hartwigs say bacon is ok, as long as it’s nitrate and sugar-free.

Follow this link for whole30 approved bacon available in the USA from Us Wellness Meats, and in the UK, we have Finnebrogue who sell nitrate-free meats through many big supermarket chains.

I Recommend This for Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One


Start the whole30 day off with free-range eggs and whole30 approved bacon. For lunch, take the Keto Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce to work with you. Then for dinner, have the Whole30 Salted Sea Bream with Grape Salad and Apple Cider Vinaigrette. This is a nicely rounded day, and we cover just about all the food group – the healthy ones anyway.


Eggs and Bacon for breakfast, then the simple chicken soup for lunch.  This is a light lunch you can take to work in a flask and isn’t too much food to make yourself ready for the Pork Dinner Combo when you get back home at night.


The day I worked out for keto looks like this. As always, watch those portions. If it says, 200g make sure you only have 200g. ‘A little bit won’t matter’ is the death of your ketosis.

For WomenFor Men
19.6g net carbs25.3g net carbs
94g protein127g protein
111g fat156g fat
1500 kcal2080 kcal

For Breakfast:

  • Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One

For Lunch:

For Dinner:

For Dessert:

  • 85g strawberries

For the men, add in one portion only of the A Delicious Keto Brunch For Two. Use it where you will in your day – preferably, in the interests of marital bliss, out of sight of your other half.

Atkins’ Diet Revolution

Starting your diet with two eggs and two bacon will make Dr Atkins’ proud of you whether you are on the induction phase or ongoing weight loss! Carry it on with Zero Carb Simple Chicken Drumsticks and a dollop of Easy Homemade Mayonnaise – you could take this to work and eat it cold.  For dinner, if you are induction, have the Zero Carb Simple Salted Salmon Fillet with fried eggs and a side of salad greens.  For ongoing weight loss, stick with the Zero Carb Simple Salted Salmon Fillet but add in the Paleo Simple Roasted Broccoli and your cup of salad greens. If you have the carb space, go and choose something more!   

And Here It Is Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One

eggs and bacon breakfast on a plate
Two Eggs, Two Bacon, Breakfast For One
A simple yet filling eggs and bacon recipe for one.
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Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks
Cuisine Atkins’, Keto, Paleo-ish, Whole30
Servings 1 person
Calories 267 kcal


  • 2 medium eggs
  • 2 medium rashers bacon
  • ½ tbsp ghee


  • Melt the ghee in a medium frying pan that is large enough for two eggs on the hob at a medium heat. (I use number 5.)
  • When the ghee is heated, crack the eggs one at a time into separate areas of the pan, don't worry if the whites mix together.
  • Place a cover over the frying pan – you can balance the lid from a saucepan on top if your frying pan doesn't have one. The important thing is to keep the air over the top of the eggs heated. Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Place the bacon onto a microwaveable plate and microwave to desired 'doneness'. I prefer 3½ mins at 900 watts, this gives me nicely cooked bacon with crispy edges. My husband prefers 3 mins at 900 watts because he doesn't like the crispy edges. The choice is yours.
  • When the timer pings check the eggs. They should be nicely cooked, with soft liquid yolks. If not, leave them another minute and recheck.
  • Serve everything together on the plate.


Net Carbs: 1.3g


Serving: 110gSodium: 379mgCalcium: 46mgVitamin C: 0mgVitamin A: 660IUSugar: 1gFiber: 0gPotassium: 191mgCholesterol: 360mgCalories: 267kcalTrans Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 8gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2gSaturated Fat: 9gFat: 21gProtein: 17gCarbohydrates: 1.3gIron: 1mg
Keyword bacon, egg, low carb, low net carb
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

A Little About Us Alex, Carl, Isla, Taran

After a year’s drought of kids parties, we seem to be making up for lost time!  Isla had three parties in one week. Taran had his very first one, not including the ones at nursery, of course.  They managed to clash on one of them, there was a party for each one on the same day at the same time in different places. Isla went to all her parties by herself – that was a big and highly nerve-wracking step for Mummy and Daddy, I can tell you. Parenting makes you distrust everyone and everything.

I have to be honest I find the whole kids’ parties attendance utter torture.  Taking my kid somewhere and mingling with many people we do not know is an introvert’s night terror. I have done it a lot, and it doesn’t get better. I am terrified every time.

The very worst one I went to was when Carl was working. Isla had a party, and I had to go with both kids.  Not only was I alone in a group of unknown people, but my son was up late and overtired and causing a scene. Only another introvert will understand the sheer willpower involved as I gritted my teeth through 3 hours. 

However, I have always refused to let my quirky personal nature hurt my kids. They have attended every party either one of them has been invited to, and despite the emotional trauma I feel at every one of these events, I will continue.  My kids are socialised and happy. From the side of the kid whose party it is, there will always be one little friend who turns up with a happy birthday and a present. I saw a heartbreaking scene online recently of a little boy playing alone at the park because no one came for his birthday. I always think that if it was one of my kids, I would appreciate it. But seriously, there are heart tremors, palpitations and sheer terror for me every single time!

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