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Paleo Cloud Bread

Cloud Bread made with eggs and coconut cream. It's strong enough and flexible enough to hold a sandwich together and contains only 0.6g net carbs per 'bun'.
2 slices of paleo cloud bread on a plate
Paleo Cloud Bread

A Little About The Recipe: Paleo Cloud Bread

There are many versions of Cloud Bread out there, this one is for the paleo diet.  It switches out the cream cheese for coconut cream and completely discards cream of tartar or baking powder which are also common ingredients.

I attempted to uncover the exact origins of Cloud Bread for this post, but its past is a little bit murky.  It seems Cloud Bread began as an Atkins’ Diet Revolution recipe remaining under the radar until one cook made a mistake reading the ingredients.  This unnamed cook discovered the error was absolutely delicious, gave it the name Oopsie Bread, and shared it around social media. 

It buzzed around the various platforms under both of the names Oopsie Bread and Cloud Bread.  Then, the recipe hit the social platform, Tiktok. Here is where its popularity exploded under the name Cloud Bread and a recipe for the keto diet. I assume the keto connection occurred for two reasons.  One is because the keto diet and Cloud Bread became popular at about the same time.  The second is likely the inclusion of cream cheese within the recipe.  Keto recipes, more often than not, include cheese.  The high amount of dairy products, especially cream cheese, advertised within the keto diet tends to mark it out from many other low carb diets. Right here, I feel compelled to point out, dairy is not actually a necessity on the keto diet.  It is, in fact, one of the things to avoid if you are still struggling to lose weight while on it.  Various recipe enthusiasts took this Cloud Bread recipe and played around with it.  Adjusted to different tastes, diets and requirements, you can now find it in many different forms.  Here is just one, for the paleo diet.

While making the Cloud Bread, make sure the egg whites are as stiff as you can make them before folding the yolks back in and try to aim to put them in the oven as soon as you are ready.  This will make for the best formed Cloud Bread. 

I use the ghee because it makes it easier to pull the finished Cloud Bread off the baking paper. If you feel you can do without, then, by all means, omit it.

I have also cooked the Cloud Bread as one big square before cutting it into smaller squares with a pair of scissors. It’s not necessary to make them round bun shapes if you struggle to do so.

Despite the name, Cloud Bread does not taste like bread. Don’t make it and think it will magically create a bread bun in the oven.  Its egg, and it tastes like an egg – but only faintly.  What it will do is hold a sandwich together without any unhealthy ingredients. It’s stronger than it looks while still being flexible and chewy.  Place a burger in between two pieces, and it will hold together. 

2 slices of cloud bread with bacon inside on a plate
Bacon Cloud Butty

I use it for my bacon butties (known as bacon sandwiches outside my home county of Yorkshire). 

It’s possible to use it cold from the fridge, which I have, one day later.  It tends to take on a strange green tinge that is somewhat off-putting but tastes perfectly fine.  Think about when you boil an egg and leave it to cool on its own rather than in cold water; it has that same colouring but is still perfectly edible.  I don’t make them for anything more than one day ahead because of the risks associated with cold egg; but, it’s easy to make more when they can be ready in 25 minutes.

It is possible but unnecessary to butter the Cloud Bread, although my husband says it tastes better.  I say try it and see what you like.  If you wish to butter it, it’s best to melt the butter before spreading it else, it’s touch-and-go as to whether you end up ripping through the bread.

I Recommend This

Paleo, paleo-ish, whole30, keto, Atkins’ Induction and Atkins’ Ongoing and Maintenance dieters can use this recipe. It contains only egg and coconut cream. This makes it super healthy for paleo and whole30. And, at less than 1g of total and net carbs as well, it’s great for keto and Atkins’ too. This just leaves what to put inside it.

My husband and I most often use it for bacon butties (sandwiches) in the morning, which would fit any of the diets. But, I have filled Cloud Bread with burgers (for all diets), the Easy Egg Salad (for Atkins’ Induction and Ongoing Maintenance, keto and paleo-ish), chicken with Easy Homemade Mayonnaise (for Atkins’ Induction and Atkins’ Ongoing and Maintenance, keto and paleo-ish) and last but not least Blackened Shrimp (for all diets) as well.

These are only a few suggestions for you. Cloud Bread is almost as versatile as the real thing, so it’s time to reinvent your favourite sandwich.

And Here It Is: Paleo Cloud Bread

2 slices of paleo cloud breaad on a plate
Paleo Cloud Bread
Cloud Bread made with eggs and coconut cream. It's strong enough and flexible enough to hold a sandwich together and contains only 0.6g net carbs per 'bun'.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Breakfast, Condiments and Components, Lunch, Side Dish, Snacks
Cuisine Atkins’, Keto, Paleo, Paleo-ish, Whole30
Servings 6 Cloud Breads
Calories 59 kcal


  • 3 medium eggs
  • 3 tbsp coconut cream
  • 1/2 tsp oil or fat (anything spreadable)


  • Preheat a fan-assisted oven to 180 deg C or 345 deg F.
  • Prepare a baking tray by covering it with baking paper.
  • With a pastry brush, brush the baking paper with the oil or fat.
  • Separate the eggs into two bowls.
  • In one bowl, whisk the egg whites until they make stiff peaks.
  • In the other bowl, whisk the egg yolks and the coconut cream.
  • Set the whisk aside and gently fold the yolk mixture into the egg whites. The egg whites will lose a lot of their stiffness.
  • When everything is mixed, transfer spoonfuls of the mixture over to the baking paper into the size you want for the bread.
  • Bake in the oven for 15 mins.
  • Leave to cool then peel off the baking paper.


Net Carbs: 0.6g


Serving: 29gSodium: 28mgCalcium: 12mgVitamin C: 0mgVitamin A: 114IUSugar: 1gFiber: 0gPotassium: 52mgCholesterol: 82mgCalories: 59kcalTrans Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 3gFat: 5gProtein: 3gCarbohydrates: 0.8gIron: 0mg
Keyword coconut cream, egg, low carb, low net carb
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