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Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

Comfort food for a low carb diet and good for paleo as well. Juicy sausages, crumbly pastry, so deliciously filling and so incredibly tasty. Dieting never tasted so good!
two keto sausage rolls without cheese made with almond flour on a white surface
Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

A Little About The Recipe: Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

Keto Sausage Rolls without Cheese is a post which involves a lot more photos than I usually take.  This is because it was easier to convey the sausage roll making process that way.  I wrote out the method step by step, but it wasn’t as clear without the photos. 

What I do want to get across is that however it might look at first, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty straightforward. 

Now, I can bang out six sausage rolls within 10 minutes from start to finish.  After that, I just put everything in the oven and forget about it till the timer pings.

Making Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese Step by Step

Divide the Keto Pastry First

This recipe is just enough for 10 small sausages or 6 medium-sized sausages, or 4 large sausages.  There is little to nothing left over.  So, divide the pastry into these amounts first.  That way, you don’t use too much or too little and end up with a problem one sausage from the end.  I eyeball it, but if you aren’t sure, weigh it out instead, whatever is easiest for you.

an oblong of keto pastry
Keto Pastry Portion for One Sausage Roll

How to Roll the Sausage Rolls

Next, cut two small squares of clingfilm. (I believe in America, this is called plastic wrap or saran wrap.) Lay one square down on a flat surface. Roll one portion of the pastry between your hands into an oblong shape. Place it onto the clingfilm. Place the other piece of clingfilm on top.

a pastry being rolled out between two pieces of clingfilm
Rolling the Pastry Between the Clingfilm

Then, use a rolling pin and roll it out to roughly the width of your sausage, long enough to wrap around the sausage plus about 1-2 cm extra in length.  The spare is because the pastry will contract a bit when baking. If you don’t have that extra, it will pull apart.  If it does, it will still taste just as fabulous. Still, we might as well aim for aesthetically pleasing just to impress the taste testers.  Trim the extra pastry with a knife, pull it away and add it to another portion instead.

a knife is cutting excess pastry while the sausage waits to be rolled up into a Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese
Slicing extra pastry
excess pastry being pulled away, while a sausage waits to be rolled into a Keto Tasty Sausage Roll without Cheese
Pulling away the slice pastry
The Clingfilm is Necessary

A small side note on this for those thinking of ditching this step – the clingfilm is necessary. Until I included the clingfilm, it was a torturous nightmare trying to get the pastry to stick to the sausage and not the rolling pin. And, till now, I haven’t been able to think of another way to make this recipe that doesn’t involve clingfilm. 

Back to Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese Rolling

a partially rolled Keto Tasty Sausage Roll without Cheese between two pieces of clingfilm
Rolling the Sausage Roll using the clingfilm

Once you are confident in the size and shape of the pastry you’ve rolled, place your sausage at one end and roll it around the sausage. Use the clingfilm to do this, or else the pastry will stick to your hands. Finally, press down a little on your pastry seam to seal the sausage roll.

Transfer your newly rolled Keto Tasty Sausage Roll without Cheese onto a lined baking tray. Then, rinse and repeat. 

6 raw Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheeses on baking paper on a baking tray

Ingredient Alternatives


Now for sausages, keto and Atkins’ Maintenance dieters have a bit more variety when it comes to their sausages, that is, as long as they count the carbs.  Most of the cheap and cheerful frozen sausages in my local shops come in at 3g total carbs.  Keto sausages are becoming more available too, with less than 1g of carbs per sausage.

Those eating paleo, you have to search about a bit. Still, with more and more people coming to the conclusion that gluten messes up their body, the more the industry giants are falling in line. As a result, the choice of traditional foods with clean living ingredients is increasing.  Power to people!

If you’re really at a loss, I did some searching for you for some places that do natural, good foods. In England, there is a couple of online shops, one is called Primal Cut while the other is Green Pasture Farms. They both do a whole load of other things too, both keto and paleo.  It’s worth a look because they do the hard work for you, they even deliver too. In America, you guys have Mulays and USWellness Meats.  There are plenty more and for every country, so go for a google search and something will pop up for sure.

Also, I’m going to spill a well-kept secret. It’s something many people don’t realise because they go to the bigger faceless supermarkets.  But, your local butcher can often make you sausages on request minus all the rubbish you can’t tolerate.

The Maltese Sausage

I’m going to do a little plug here for one of the traditional foods of my adopted country, Malta.  The Maltese sausage.  While sausages from other countries and even from different counties in England have become famous worldwide, not many people have heard of the Maltese sausage.  It is a truly paleo sausage. Traditionally, it is made with only pork and herbs. There are no additives, preservatives or breading of any kind, just meat, herbs and spices, and that’s it. They are different, so keep that in mind – very peppery and spicy and quite large too.


As anyone who goes through my recipes knows, I use ghee over butter because of the lactose content contained in butter. Still, to keep things a little cheaper, you can switch to butter if you wish.  I honestly have not tried this recipe with any other fats available, so I cannot comment on using anything else.  But, if you find a more whole30 alternative, tell us in the comments so we can share the healthiness.


These sausage rolls taste great cold and also reheated.  One minute in the microwave gets it to piping hot.  At the moment, these sausage rolls are my husband, Carl’s, favourite at-work lunch. He says they are so filling he can eat one for brunch, and it lasts him all day at work till dinnertime.

I Recommend This For: Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

These sausage rolls were developed primarily for the keto diet but with paleo-ish dieting in mind (because I didn’t want to miss out on great-tasting sausage rolls either).


For breakfast, lunch, brunch, one sausage roll by itself is usually enough. Often, for dinner, however, I will pair up two of the sausage rolls with a side salad.  Usually, one made ‘on the fly’ with whatever needs using up in the fridge. Then, add in Easy Homemade Mayonnaise, and the rabbit food (OMG! She did not just say that!  Yes, I did. A salad without a great dressing is always rabbit food!) will taste great.  But, that‘s my lazy solution, so let me make a little bit more of an instructive day to make reading this post more worthwhile.

The whole day as written will result in these values. As usual, this only a recommendation based on average values. Men are given the same menu but with an 500 calories.

For WomenFor Men
19.8g net carbs24.6g net carbs
93g protein124g protein
119g fat158g fat
1559 kcal2027 kcal

For breakfast:

  • Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

For lunch:

For dinner:

Extra just for men:

Atkins’ Diet Revolution: Ongoing and Maintenance

While I, unfortunately, have to omit Atkins’ Induction dieters from this, the carb content of the sausage rolls is still very low for one. So, they can be made and eaten at the earliest stages of your ongoing weight loss. But, the fat content needs levelling out. Of course, any meat would actually do this, but a tasty idea is to whip up Paleo Low Carb Blackened Shrimp to start. Then, follow it up with the main course of two sausage rolls and two boiled eggs, sprinkled with salt, of course, and with a cup of salad greens as well. Yummy!

Paleo and Paleo-ish

So for paleo, make sure you use paleo sausages.  They are out there, and if you cannot find them ask a butcher to make some up for you.  Give each person round the table two sausage rolls each. Next, add in the Paleo Tri-Colour Salad.  The tri-colour salad adds a fantastic splash of colour, red, yellow and green, to a plate.  Lastly, have some Skillet Flatbread freshly made in the centre of the table for ripping into.  As the name suggests, it’s made on the hob, leaving the oven free for the sausage rolls.

And Here It Is: Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese

two sausage rolls made with almond flour on a white surface
Keto Tasty Sausage Rolls without Cheese
Comfort food for a low carb diet and good for paleo as well. Juicy sausages, crumbly pastry, so deliciously filling and so incredibly tasty. Dieting never tasted so good!
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 45 mins
Course Breakfast, Lunch, Main Dish, Starter
Cuisine Atkins’, Keto, Paleo, Paleo-ish
Servings 6 sausage rolls
Calories 431 kcal


  • Clingfilm
  • Rolling Pin


  • 6 medium sausages (or 4 large or 10 small)
  • 200 g almond flour (2 cups)
  • 2 medium eggs
  • tbsp butter (ghee for paleo)
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • Preheat a fan-assisted oven to 175°C (or 350°F).
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Mix the almond flour, eggs, 1½ tbsp of butter and salt together to form a sticky pastry.
  • Divide the pastry into 6 parts. (See photos.)
  • Take two squares of clingfilm. Lay one square down.
  • Roll one part of the pastry into a cylinder and place it on the clingfilm.
  • Lay the second square of clingfilm over the pastry.
  • Use your rolling pin to roll over the top of the second clingfilm until the pastry is big enough to wrap around a sausage, plus an extra 2cm (about ¾ inch) to form a lip.
  • Remove the top layer of clingfilm, and place your sausage at one edge.
  • Use the clingfilm at the bottom to smooth the pastry around the sausage.
  • When the pastry is wrapped around the sausage, pick up the sausage and smooth the lip of pastry over the other side to keep the pastry sealed.
  • Place the sausage roll onto the baking paper.
  • Continue until all the sausages are done.
  • Bake in the centre of the oven for 30 mins. Turn over half way through.
  • Serve hot or cold.


Net Carbs: 3.4g
(These amounts are based on paleo sausages of 400g for 6.  Exact nutritional amounts are dependent on the sausages used.)


Serving: 55gSodium: 644mgCalcium: 99mgVitamin C: 0mgVitamin A: 176IUSugar: 2gFiber: 4gPotassium: 291mgCholesterol: 110mgCalories: 431kcalTrans Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 13gPolyunsaturated Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 10gFat: 35gProtein: 24gCarbohydrates: 7.5gIron: 1mg
Keyword almond flour, egg, low carb, low net carb, sausage
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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