Start your day the right way.

“Make your bed.” From the truly inspirational speech from Admiral McRaven – I recommend listening to this.

And eat a healthy, delicious breakfast.

Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Garlic Butter Mushrooms

A recipe of delight for every mushroom lover. Pan-fried mushrooms glistening in garlic butter.

Tomato Twist Tuna Burger

Tomato Twisted Tuna Burgers

For anything at all these tuna burgers with an added tomato kick are simple to make and taste really great hot or cold.

Easy Egg Salad

Easy Egg Salad

Fast, easy and delicious. A low carb egg salad to use anywhere, anytime.

Paleo Guacamole on Boiled Eggs

Paleo Guacamole on Boiled Eggs

Traditional guacamole without any non-paleo ingredients. Avocado, tomato and onion with a few flavourings over perfectly boiled eggs. A highly versatile recipe.

Scrumptious Beef Mince which reheats too!

Scrumptious Beef Mince which reheats too!

A scrumptious tasting beef mince which is at its best when reheated. Great to keep in the fridge for a quick meal at the end of a long day or freeze it until you need it.

Le Keto Brunch

Le Keto Brunch for two

An at-home brunch that pretends it was made in am upmarket cafe. Healthy and delicious with smoked salmon, eggs, cream cheese, tomatoes and avocado all on the same plate. For breakfast lunch, brunch or a snack.

Fried Cabbage and Bacon.

Fried Cabbage with Crispy Bacon

Soft fried cabbage with crispy, salty bacon and a bit of seasoning makes for a great tasting side dish. Who knew cabbage could taste so great?

Prawn Cocktail

Keto Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce

A gorgeous tasting prawn cocktail with a marie rose sauce. It’s healthy, low in carbs and shockingly delicious!

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