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The Kate Daniels Series

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The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews.

I bought one book after another and, at the end of the series of ten, I wished there were more.

These books are exactly what they are supposed to be, a young adult urban fantasy series which entertains. If you want an epic fantasy series with incredible world-building better to try The Wheel of Time. If you want a moral ending which might possibly right the wrongs of the world try The Lord of the Rings. If you want a book series for pure entertainment value then this will fit the bill – just perfectly.

Good looking heroine but not too good looking? Check! A heroine we like? Check. Kickass? Check! Witty? Check! Strong-willed? Check! A few appealing flaws? Check! Now for the hero. Let’s see… Good looking? Check! Manly? Check! A good match for our heroine? Check! Adores the heroine we are now convinced is perfect in every way? Check! A meeting which after some trials and tribulations sees them getting together for a long-anticipated smooch? A few more trials and tribulations from outside sources set on their destruction? They come through it to be better and stronger than ever before? Nope, not telling you!

The Kate Daniels series is set in Atlanta, America, in an alternative reality which is in constant flux shifting between two states, ‘tech’ and ‘magic’. During the ‘tech’ times technology works, guns, cars, medical devices etc. During ‘magic’, none of the technology works but magic is very strong so they rely on the magic to heal, they have to ride horses to get to places, they can make wards to stop nasties getting in. Magic beings that never existed before are all coming into existence; shapeshifters, witches and even gods. They are rising up, becoming stronger, and everyone is a little unsure but is settling as best they can into their new places in the rapidly changing world.

Kate Daniels is one of these magical beings. She has very powerful magic when the magic works, and she can also wield a sword, punch and kick with the best of ’em when there is no magic around. She has an arch-nemesis she has been in hiding from ever since she was a child who, unfortunately, is more magical and kick-ass than she is, and this, is the underlying theme which drives the series.

Each book contains a story unto itself and places Kate into different situations she has to resolve, from an unkillable being to a plague-wielding goddess. However, each book also moves the underlying plot of the showdown between Kate and her arch-nemesis towards its inevitable conclusion. Each book advances Kate’s relationships with those around her and pushes her life and lifestyle towards its final conclusion. So, while you could read them out of order I would say “Don’t do it!”. I recommend the whole series, in order, starting from the beginning.

I had seen the Kate Daniels series recommended for some time but I had skimmed past it so many times and never picked it up. I cannot really say why not. Perhaps the titles didn’t really catch me or the description failed to please. Whatever my now forgotten reasons were, don’t do the same! When I finally did get around to buying and then reading the first book, I really liked every book in this series. I would say the weakest of the nine books is actually the first one but that could well just be me. Each story caught and held my interest and I had a lot of fun reading the series. I rooted for Kate, crossed my fingers for a happy outcome, liked all the other characters (even the bad ones) and was disappointed there were only ten books. I will now look up a few more Ilona Andrews books once I have read these all over again…

The Kate Daniels Series consists of these ten books. Here they are in order to make life easier.

  • Magic Bites
  • Magic Burns
  • Magic Strikes
  • Magic Bleeds
  • Magic Slays
  • Magic rises
  • Magic Breaks
  • Magic Shifts
  • Magic Binds
  • Magic Triumphs


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