My Expat Life in Malta

I Recommend This: Beautiful Photographs

Eerie Malta

Wildlife of Malta

a girl looks at the camera from behind a spider web
a hedgehog on a road in the dark
a young boy sits by a tree looking at a spider's web
a distance shot of a white bird amongst trees
two children feed goldfish

Blue Sea over Blue Sky

white clouds in a blue sky over the blue sea

Malta’s Pretty Flowers

a child's ahnd holding a pink flower
a purple flower in shadow
greenery with a blue flower in the centre

Over the Bay and Far Away

the moon and two planets in a night sky
night view over the sea
day view over sea with a grey sky and clouds

The Moon, the School and I

small scale church

The Local Architecture

I Recommend This: Walks and Hikes

Discover the Top of the World… and Back Again!

Hiking with the kids! A walk along Top of the World and Ghal Ghar in Gharghur, Malta.

I Recommend This: Family

Silhouette of a boy reading a book sat beneath a tree.

A Story

A personal story about pregnancy and a bit beyond.

Those Dinosaur Eggs

A tale of parenting, paper-mache and dinosaur eggs.

Banoffee Pie

Birthday Cake Banoffee Pie

This is, by far, THE most delicious way to make Banoffee pie there is! The bad news is that it is most definitely not healthy or paleo in anyway.

Coping with a full household – Outside the Average

A peek inside a ‘not-so-traditional’ family with a lot of shifting dynamics. My sister-in-law’s website where she and my brother cope with two full time jobs and many children; some his, some hers and one between them.

I Recommend This: Books I Love

The Kate Daniels Series

Good looking heroine but not too good looking? Check! A heroine we like? Check. Kickass? Check! Witty? Check! Strong-willed? Check!
I bought one book after another and, at the end of the series of ten, I wished there were more.

The Wheel of Time Series, read it at least once!

If you want to read a high fantasy series that will keep you occupied for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time to come this would be it.

“Or the Harry Potter books…” or That last Harry Potter book.

This series is now the best selling book series of all time, so if you haven’t read Harry Potter, it’s time to join the rest of us!

A sword standing upright in a field.

The Characters of David Gemmell

David Gemmell. One of the greatest fantasy writers you probably didn’t know about but should!

The Prydain Chronicles

A fantasy series for kids – the young and the fully grown! Time to free your inner child. Hello, little you!

I Recommend This: Musings by Me

“There’s a Daddy Talking to Oliver.”

This is a story of truth and fiction. Some of it actually happened, and some of it is imagination to fill in the gaps.

England’s Autumn, I Love.

A poem of home from one who isn’t there.