My Book Corner

I’m a reader from a family of readers and I love to read. I grew up surrounded by books. Literally! Bookshelves covered the walls of my bedroom.

For the longest time, despite my husband’s tentative suggestions every birthday and Christmas time, I resisted an e-reader. I refused to believe it would be as good as a book. I finally caved when, not only did I not have shelf space but, I also had no more space to put more shelves. Grumbling and unhappy, I bought an e-reader. After the initial ‘getting to know you’ period, I discovered the advantages of an e-reader and, while I still maintain it hasn’t quite got the comfort factor of opening a brand new book with real, touchable paper pages, it has enough pluses to balance out the minuses. I discovered there is more than enough room in my life for both the electronic and the handheld. One problem I had initially was a wholehearted embrace of the idea of being able to acquire a new book with the merest click of a button at any time of day or night whereas previously I had been confined to store opening hours. I embraced this little perk a bit too wholeheartedly and my hubby complained about the credit card bill. I calmed it down and now acquire new books in more moderate fashion.

I will read absolutely anything although I have a tendency towards the fantasy genre in particular. These are but a few novels or series I would highly recommend if you are looking for the next thing to read.

The Wheel of Time Series, read it at least once!

If you want to read a high fantasy series that will keep you occupied for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time to come this would be it.

The Prydain Chronicles

A fantasy series for kids – the young and the fully grown! Time to free your inner child. Hello, little you!

“Or the Harry Potter books…” or That last Harry Potter book.

This series is now the best selling book series of all time, so if you haven’t read Harry Potter, it’s time to join the rest of us!

The Kate Daniels Series

Good looking heroine but not too good looking? Check! A heroine we like? Check. Kickass? Check! Witty? Check! Strong-willed? Check!
I bought one book after another and, at the end of the series of ten, I wished there were more.

A sword standing upright in a field.

The Characters of David Gemmell

David Gemmell. One of the greatest fantasy writers you probably didn’t know about but should!


  • Anonymous

    How about audiobooks? You can get a whole new slant on a book when you hear someone else reading it and you can carry on listening to your story when your partner wants to go to sleep!

    • Alex Stone

      Very true. In fact my husband prefers to put some ear phones in and listen to drift off to sleep to, while my mum, who suffers from tinnitus, finds it really useful to listen to an audiobook to go to sleep. I like both but tend towards the DIY style.

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