Corridor of Odds ‘N’ Ends

This is a page whose name matches the description.

Stories of things we have done, stories of imagination.

Here lies “stuff”!

Discover the Top of the World… and Back Again!

Hiking with the kids! A walk along Top of the World and Ghal Ghar in Gharghur, Malta.

“There’s a Daddy Talking to Oliver.”

This is a story of truth and fiction. Some of it actually happened, and some of it is imagination to fill in the gaps.

Banoffee Pie

Birthday Cake Banoffee Pie

This is, by far, THE most delicious way to make Banoffee pie there is! The bad news is that it is most definitely not healthy or paleo in anyway.

England’s Autumn, I Love.

A poem of home from one who isn’t there.