About Me

Who am I?


My name is Alex.

It’s short for Alexandra. I tell you this only because usually everyone wants to know. But, if you call me Alexandra, I will probably look behind me for this mysterious person 🙂

I Recommend This is my space, my hobby, my pride, my obsession. I’m the author behind it all.

I’m the recipe maker, one of the tasters, and the terrible photographer behind each and every recipe post.

Many years ago, I came from Yorkshire in the north of England. I moved to the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta with my husband, Carl, after finding work in a local casino.

Fifteen years later, we are still here living the ex-pat life but now with two kids, Isla and Taran. Isla wants to be a princess vlogger, while Taran believes all zombies only ever wear one shoe and wishes every day was Halloween.

My Journey to Health

I started the paleo diet to lose weight after Isla was born. There’s a post to the full story below.

How I Began the Paleo Diet

My story of how I began the paleo diet.

What made me an advocate was the immense improvement to my life. I had spent most of my adult life with horrific health problems. While they were not life-taking, they were life-destroying. I am sure many of you who have gone through the same thing will agree. Doctors, nutritionists, specialists. I’d seen them all. None of them helped. The health service had failed me. I had given up. I stumbled through life as best I could within the severest of limitations.

The paleo diet changed it all. Within a week, I felt an improvement. By the time I lost all the weight I wanted to, I was no longer chained to the nearest toilet. (You know what I mean!) No longer was I embarrassed and humiliated by my own body. I had the energy to do things!

As time progressed, my body continued healing itself. I found I had reached a point where I could include some not-quite-paleo ingredients as well. I can, very occasionally, indulge myself in a not-so-paleo dessert without consequences. If I go off the rails too far (usually while on holiday), I suffer. I often complete a whole30 to get myself back to good health once again.

There is No One-size-fits-all Diet

My husband, Carl, has his own digestion and weight problems. He, too, discovered the health benefits of eating paleo but struggled to remain on track with the diet. He finds the stricter low carb diets easier to follow.

The lesson we have learnt is that there is no one-size-fits-all.

Pick the diet that works for you and your life and gives you the benefits you need.

Having been there and done that, I want to help. Information, recipes, suggestions, I include it all.

So, choose your diet and let’s cook!